change outfit

Prompt: A girl with brown hair, wears sports shirt.

How to change outfit using Stable Diffusion webui?

1. If you don’t have Stable Diffusion webui installed, go to install stable diffusion webui on Windows.
2. If you don’t have ControlNet extension installed, go to install ContolNet extension and download models for Stable Diffusion webui.
3. Run “webui-user.bat” to open Stable Diffusion webui in a browser at
4. In img2img tab, load the portrait image in. Change width and height as the same as the original. Change Batch count to 4.
5. Expand ControlNet area, load the same image in. Check “Enabled” underneath. Select Control Type to be “OpenPose”.
6. (Optional) If you want to keep the original face, click “Inpaint” tab. Load the same image in. Use pen tool to mask the face, and check “Inpaint not masked”.
7. Enter the prompt to describe your image. Click Generate button.
8. If you don’t like the output, adjust Denoising strength and your prompts. Then click Generate button. Repeat until you have your ideal images.


change outfit screen

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