What is Wav2Lip?

Wav2lip is an Ai technique to use audio file to control lip-sync. The paper is here.

How to use Wav2Lip?

1. Prepare a short video with a speech. Prepare an audio file in wav format. The audio length is shorter than video.
2. Go to Google colab. In STEP1, run the triangle button to install dependency. Press “Run anyway” to close pop up.
3. If you want use their sample, Run LipSync Youtube Video. Otherwise, skip it and go to LipSync on Your Video File.
4. In STEP2, click the triangle button. A “choose file” white button will show up. Click to upload your video. Wait until you see the video is showing below.
5. In STEP3, use the same method to upload your wav file. Wait until you see the audio player is showing below
6. In STEP4, run the triangle button to run the program. Wait until you see the video with new sound is generated. Click the three dots button at right to download the file.

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