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Prompt: a woman, wear red dress, white background

What is pose control?

Pose control is to use a pose from other images to control character’s poses in your image.

How to control poses with ControlNet using Stable Diffusion Webui?

1. If you don’t have Stable Diffusion webui installed, go to install stable diffusion webui on Windows.
2. If you don’t have ControlNet extension installed, go to install ContolNet extension and download models for Stable Diffusion webui.
3. Run “webui-user.bat” to open Stable Diffusion webui in a browser at
4. In txt2img tab, expand ControlNet area. Load an image with the pose you want. Check “Enabled” and “Allow Preview” underneath.
5. Select Control Type to be “OpenPose”. This will change Preprocessor and Model to use OpenPose.
6. Click the fire icon next to Preprocessor, it will generate an OpenPose image in preview. You can download it for later use.
7. Enter your prompt. Change Batch count to 4. Click Generate button.
8. Adjust your prompt and click Generate button. Repeat until you get your ideal images.
9. (Optional) You can use your image as input by loading it in img2img. Use the same method as above to load the pose-control image in ControlNet. The output images will keep the same pose as the image in ControlNet. Your input image also has influence on the output images. (see sample below)

pose control img2img

Prompt: a woman, wear black dress, oil painting

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