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What is Pika labs?

Pika labs is an Ai platform for you to generate videos from texts and images. The video is short, about 3 seconds.

How to generate videos from images using Pika labs?

1. Go to Pika Labs. Click “Join Beta” button. It will take you to discord.
2. In discord site, click “Accept Invite”.
3. At the left panel, select one of the servers, such as generate-1, generate-2…
3. At the bottom of the screen, next to a “+” sign, type “/create”, hit enter.
4. Click “+1 more” at the right of prompt. An options window show up. Click “image prompt” at right and drag your image in.
5. In the prompt field below, type your prompt and hit enter. Wait for your video.
6. When the video is ready, click play. Note there is a watermark of “Pika Labs” on the video. Click the download icon at the up right corner.
7. Try to enter the same image and prompt a few more times to get the best result.

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