fix face with GFPGAN

What is GFPGAN?

GFPGAN is an Ai technique for face restoration. It can fix Ai generated faces and improve the resolution of blurry face photos.

How to use GFPGAN?

1. Go to Google colab GFPGAN Inference Demo.
2. Press the first triangle “run” button to setup. Wait for the green check mark.
3. At Upload Images section, press the run button and then click Choose Files button. Upload your image with a face.
4. Skip “you can use the demo image”, go to “Inference” section. Click the run button. Wait for the green check mark.
5. In Visualize section, press two run buttons. Wait for your images show up.
6. Download results. The result is in zip file. Unzip to get your images.

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