What is Real-ESRGAN?

Real-ESRGAN is an Ai technique to enhance image or video resolution. The paper is here.

How to use Real-ESRGAN to enhance resolution of animations?

1. Prepare a short animated video mp4 file. Rename it to onepiece_demo.mp4.
1. Go to Google colab Real-ESRGAN Inference Demo.
2. Run the first block to setup environment. Click “Run anyway” to close pop up. Wait for the spinning wheel to stop.
3. Skip 2 and 3 if you want use your own video.
4. In Upload Anime Videos, press the run button and then click Choose Files button to upload your video.
5. Click the folder icon on the left. You will see a folder Real-ESRGAN. Under Upload folder, check whether your video is there. If not, drag your video file under upload folder manually.
6. In Inference, press the run button. Wait for the green check mark.
7. In Visualize the Input Video and Enhanced Video, click two run buttons to see your videos.
8. In Download Results, click the run button to download your output mp4.

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