Java Coding Interview Pocket Book (2nd Edition)

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Java coding interview pocket book cover Coding interview is the most difficult part of the interview for software engineer position. The Java Coding Interview Pocket Book is based on the materials I have collected over the years. It helps me shorten the preparation time to get the offers. After being re-organized and enhanced, now it is available for all software engineers like you, who want to refresh your memories of basic data structures and algorithms in computer science. It is guaranteed to help you land on your next dream job FAST and EASY!



The book covers 250 frequently asked coding interview questions from companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft etc. All answers provides Big-O notations. Please check out the Book Insight to find out all questions that the book covers.

The book is in digital format. The ultimate version includes a PDF file, an EPUB file and Java source code. The PDF file uses 'Complete-Code-In-One-Page' format, in which the question and the code display in one page, not across over to the next page. This format makes it easy to read and compare the similar questions. The EPUB file can be loaded to your smart phone. You can read it anytime anywhere and on the go. The source code provides the full question statements, sample input and output, explanation of O notations, and multiple solutions. You can purchase PDF and EPUB version separately. They all come with source code.

You can pay with Paypal or credit card. After you make a payment, you will receive an email with the download link. You can have the book and source code immediately.


(PDF, Source code $24.95)
(PDF, EPUB, Source code $34.95)


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The FREE download of “Java coding interview book chapter 1 Arrays” (up to 26 questions and answers!) gives you the taste of the book. Sign up now to get instance access of the pdf and epub files and source code!


    Sonali Sharma, India

    April 20, 2019

    “… What I loved about this book is that it teaches the way to solve the problems.It teaches how to solve a problem in many different ways.There are many website available on internet which i have gone through but did not find this much degree of clarity of concepts and also it is very concise and uses most of the java concepts in each program source code.It actually gave me a new way of thinking a solution about any problem.This is the reason that i want to read it more and more.It continuously attract me to study more…”

    Anthony Clark, NYC USA

    August 30, 2018

    “…The contents of this book were very detailed and organized, giving a good overview of every single factor for the presentations I needed to do. What made me buy the book is when I saw the titles of the most used methods in Java Collections. Best of all, the book came with source codes that helped me ace my interview…”



    Q: Can I get refund if I don’t see the result?
    A: Full refund if you are not happy with the book! Risk free guarantee!

    Q: I just want free download.
    A: It’s totally OK. We have more Source Code of the interview questions. Click the questions to find the download links. You can also go to my GitHub to download more data structures and algorithms code, and web (Spring, web services) and miscellaneous projects.

    Q: I’m not sure about your credibility.
    A: I came to US as foreign students. All I had were two suitcases. After 15 years, I bought my place in Beverly Hills, one of the most prestigious places in Los Angeles. Every now and then I need to look for a job and have to get ready quickly! The collection of coding interview questions and answers is my must-have. Please check out my YouTube Channel and Contact Us to know who I am and how I can help you!

    Q: I like your book. Do you have affiliate program to join?
    A: Thank you! Please join Affiliate Program here.

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