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At La Vivien Post, We provide coding services and online tutor service. Why us? Because we provide quality services with reasonable price. We build close relationship with our clients. No matter it is a small project or you have a small budget, we will serve your needs in time and within the budget. It is our priority to provide high quality coding services and online tutor service. We will guarantee you are happy with us. Please take a look at the reviews below to see what clients have said about us.

Here are a few scenarios that you would consider to reach to us. You have trouble finishing the school projects for your courses (in Java, Python etc); You want tutor to guide you. You run into obstacles that have blocked you for days in your company’s project (Spring, NodeJs); you want somebody take a look for you. You have some ideas about what your website; you want somebody to build for you quickly (WordPress). Your site is slow, you need expert to speed up the site for you. We accept the project that can be done in 1 hour to within a week. The budget ranges from $50 ~ $1000. Please click the button below to have a free consultation or contact us.


  • AP/College projects
  • Institute Research projects

Code mentor

  • Job interview preparation
  • Trouble shooting in software development
  • One-on-One tutor

Build website

  • Personal portfolio
  • Small business/non-profit org
  • Performance improvement

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Michael D, Woburn MA

Extraordinary skill, determination, and patience

Vivien went above and beyond my request. She found and fixed errors in a public API. She did this very quickly and then presented me with the solution. Will use again.

Craig H, Iowa City IA

Knowledgeable and readily available

Vivien helped me understand graph theory in Java. I reached out to many tutors on here and Vivien was the ONLY one that said she could help. She knew everything I had questions about and was very good at explaining things. The thing I liked most about her is she had planned a lesson, and was able to meet within a day. 10/10 would recommend

Aya D, Provo UT

Vivien is the way!

I had high expectations for my first lesson with Vivien, and she did not disappoint. As stated in her bio, she is an expert at Java (which is why I found her). Not only is she an expert on the material, but she is also very good at explaining it in a way I could register. I went from knowing nearly nothing about Java to confidently understanding the fundamentals as well as recognizing its advantages compared to other programming languages. I was honestly fascinated the whole time she was tutoring because I could actually comprehend what she was teaching me!! This is material that I have been reading on my own and studying on my own but it all clicked with Vivien. Although I would love to keep Vivien all to myself, I can confidently recommend her as a tutor for any subject– especially for Java!!

Greg D, Bell CA

Tutor that goes the extra mile

Vivien prepared multiple pages of documentation addressing each and every question I sent her prior to our session. She already had a structured lesson prepared and even created several examples of code on her machine to walk us through. She was very knowledgeable about the topics at hand and was a pleasure to work with and learn from. Easy 5 stars!

Stefon W, Clinton MD

Extremely knowledgeable! Extremely patient! Extremely helpful! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Vivien has been a huge help in helping me get a better grasp of JAVA and OOP! She truly is a JAVA guru. I was very confused with my graduate assignment and she helped me understand things much more clearly. She is very kind and very patient. If you need help with programming, schedule a lesson with Vivien. I promise that you will come away with a better understanding. You WILL NOT be disappointed!

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