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Source code are the collections of coding interview questions and their source code. Click the title you are interested, you will find the download link of the source code. Cannot find what you want? There are more in my github. Also you can check out the complete list of coding interview questions in my pocket book.


permutation of multiple arrays java

Permutation of multiple arrays and iterator – code

Permutation of multiple arrays and iterator has two tasks. First is the permutation of multiple arrays and output as one ...
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last man standing circular linked list java

Last man standing with Circular Linked List – Code

The "Last man standing" is also called "Josephus problem". Give a number n people standing in a circle, eliminate every ...
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modulo operation

Modulo operation and circular array – code

Modulo is the operation that returns the remainder of one number divided by another. It is a arithmetical operator, represented ...
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hashmap object as key and sort java

HashMap object as key and sort – Code

HashMap is easy to use by following three steps, create the HashMap object, call put() and get(). But if you ...
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initialize game board in matrix java

Initialize game board in matrix – Code

Initialize game board in matrix is to populate one digit number into a NxN matrix. The digit can be generated ...
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process log with stack java

Build hierarchy from Stack-like log

When the input data is a flat list, you may notice sometimes they contains the data consists of "start" and ...
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Clean Directories with recursion java

Clean directories with recursion – Code

Clean directories with recursion is to uses Java File class and methods to remove files in a file system. What ...
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Sort squares java

Sort squares with optimization – Code

Sort squares is to sort the square of elements in a sorted array. Sounds easy, right? Since it uses sorting ...
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selection sort

Selection sort (2 solutions) – Code

Selection Sort is one of three well-known simple sorting algorithms (ie bubble sort, insertion sort and selection sort). It is ...
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Merge sorted arrays java

Merge two sorted arrays (2 solutions) – Code

Merge two sorted arrays is to merge two sorted array in one sorted array. The technique uses while loop to ...
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