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Source code are the collections of coding interview questions and their source code. Click the title you are interested, you will find the download link of the source code. Cannot find what you want? There are more in my github. Also you can check out the complete list of coding interview questions in my pocket book.


Huffman coding and compression

Huffman coding and compression – Code

What is Huffman code? Huffman code is a particular type of optimal prefix code. It is commonly used for lossless ...
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convert prefix to postfix java

Prefix to postfix (2 solutions) – Code

In mathematics expressions, there are infix, prefix and postfix notations. Infix notation is characterized by the placement of operators between ...
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Shortest path in matrix java

Shortest path from source to destination in matrix – Code

Shortest path in matrix is to find the shortest distance from the the source to the destination. As you know, ...
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Find K closest points to center java

Find K closest points to origin (2 solutions) – code

What is K closest points problem? Find K closest points is to find closest points to the pointer(0,0) (it is ...
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Find all subset of string in dictionary java

Find all subset of string in dictionary – code

Find all subset of string in dictionary is to find the subset of an input string that exists in dictionary ...
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Build status hierarchy object java

Convert hierarchy to nested objects – code

There are online tools that convert JSON file to objects. The same idea applies to "convert hierarchy to nested objects" ...
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top trending topic

Find top trending topics in twitter last hour (2 solutions) – code

Find top trending topics last hour (last day, month, year) is to find the topics that were tweeted most for ...
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BiDirectional BFS

Bi-directional BFS and examples – Code

A bi-directional search is to start search from two ends simultaneously. The drive of this is to make the search ...
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Java User defined comparators

Java custom Comparators and examples

Java custom Comparators are important to sort the user defined classes. Here we give examples on how to implement user ...
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Java node data structures diagram

What are the missing data structures in java collections and implementations?

Java collections provides APIs for many data structures such as ArrayList, Linkedlist, HashMap. They are very handy for us to ...
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